Why become a member in S.A.A.S.P.U.?

Members can be regarded as our power and voice, taking actions aimed at diffusing issues related to our discipline and protecting our professional rights.  Through collective actions  and in unity social anthropologists can achieve better results! With your participation we can create a strong community, which will serve as a point of communication, by sharing knowledge, information and other concerns.

Will S.A.A.S.P.U. provide a job for me?

No, the society does not aim to find jobs to alumni. However, the society can intervene along with your help, in order to claim employment for anthropologists. Its main goal is the communication and diffusion of Social Anthropology as a scientific field beyond the academic community, and the connection of the Social Anthropology degree to the labour market.

Why register at www.anthropology.gr? 

Registered users of our website have the opportunity to join in the forum where they can share information, ideas and concerns. Moreover, they can learn about career opportunities, get in touch with other anthropologists and share experiences related to their discipline.

How can I register at www.anthropology.gr?

In order to register at the website of the S.A.A.S.P.U., you have to click on the icon which is located at the upper right part of the website. All is needed is a personal email account and a few minutes of your time!

How can I register at the S.A.A.S.P.U.?

You can find information about the registration procedure as well as the registration and annual subscription fee in the specified section of our website. Once you complete the form with your personal information, we will get in touch with you in order to inform you about the delivery of the required documents.

Why become a volunteer at S.A.A.S.P.U.?

Because the largest part of our actions relies on your work, knowledge, skills and love for our scientific field! You can find several different fields in our website, where you can offer some of your time and contribute to our work. In return, you will receive all the necessary assistance and support in any action you choose to undertake.

Why donate to S.A.A.S.P.U.?

All donations are a valuable means to support our efforts and achieve our goals!


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