About Us

The Social Anthropology Alumni Society – Panteion University (S.A.A.S.P.U.) is an initiative of the graduates of the Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Established in 2010, its main objectives are: 1. To promote communication between the graduates of the Department. 2. To work for the dissemination of Social and Cultural Athropology and the encouragement of anthropological knowledge, research and ethics in Greece. 3. To support the professional rights of social anthropologists and to advocate for the application of Social and Cultural Anthropoogy, primarily in the employment market. S.A.A.S.P.U. is a non-profit association. It relies on the collective and voluntary action of its members who promote its goals through their involvement in organized working groups. Its registered office is at Panteion University, Athens.
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